Stone robot is here.


Stone & Equipment Inc. updating and innovating in the world of natural stone, has implemented an infrastructure of T & D Robotics to create and produce elements of urban furniture using as raw material the marble or any other limestone.

Comprised of a robotic cell with two turntables and automatic systems, the production of hundreds of modular elements can start to create some unique distinguished cities environments. Urban material that can be perfect for installing seats delimiting gardens in public spaces or creating a close environment in pedestrian area.

Head equipped with diamond wire applied to the robot allows to make authentic wonders on these modular systems, and along with the turntables make it possible that there is no interruption in production.

While is a cut and designs, in the other a piece perfectly finished for download is ready and waiting again for a blank for our procedure. In this way we have a 24/7 production without any impediment, only stops for its natural maintenance.

In addition to cutting with diamond wire, automatic head change system gives the ability to Stone & Equipment that no operator has to step in and replace its end –effector, and can perform two different operations at the same time.